Angel is one of the six main characters of Kuu Kuu Harajuku. She is a member of HJ5.


Angel is HJ5s personal cheerleader. She's always smiling and in a constant state of happiness. Whenever one of her friends is having a bad day, Angel knows how to get them laughing and smiling again. Her constant state of happiness also makes her out to be a tad scatterbrained and a bit of an airhead such as in Music Baby, she was the only member of HJ5 to fall under General Nofun's brainwashing device.

In Angel's Flight it is revealed that she loves checking fashion blogs and her dream is to be featured on Runway Rag, which comes true, albeit not the way she wanted.
She loves trying on cute outfits and keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Angel is also a fashion designer, she makes all of HJ5's stage costumes and regularly enters fashion contest shows. Her fashion rival is Carey Chaos and they've been competing with each other ever since they were babies. Zeek Sheek has also competed against Angel at times.

In Drums of Doom it is revealed that she has a ton of hobbies, but can never seem to stick with one. She tried speed knitting, backyard archaeology, ventriloquism, drumming, and balloon animals.
Angel eventually chose drumming as her hobby, because she's seen a few times afterwards practicing her percussive instrumental skills.

She is revealed to love panda bears in Water Baby.

It is shown in Worm's Eye View that she does NOT like worms.

Rocky Road gives some information on Angel's past prior to joining HJ5.
She lived in a small country town called Little Big Pig and was a cacklebeaky rancher.
Music found this quite surprising, that their resident urbanite was actually a country girl.

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