Baby Rudie is episode 18a of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


When G mentions she wishes they had the ability to slow down time, Rudie attempts to modify the Tour Bus' teleportation drive to do this, but instead, it reverses time and transforms him into a baby. Music, Angel and Baby end up looking after him while Love attempts to build another teleportation drive to return Rudie to adulthood.






Baby: Anyone else hear Rudie crying like a baby?
Music: Only every time I beat him at thumb wrestling.

Baby (about Baby Rudie): Aw, he wuvs you.
Music: You take that back!

Love: Okay, to get grown Rudie back, I need to construct a teleportation drive from kitchen gadgets. Hey, it’s not the hardest thing I’ve done.

Rudie: I just had the strangest dream. You were there G, and Love, Angel, Baby, Mummy.
Music: What!
Rudie: Music! I mean Music!


  • This episode mentions again Yummy Bear's favorite food, jelly beans.
  • One of the children attending the convention has a Nofunland mind control teddy bear.
  • Music's difficulty in relating to young children is shown again, ironically, she's the best one at looking after Rudie while he's a baby.
  • Music says that Rudie's full name is Rudolph Adonis Fenwood Rhodes.


  • While waiting in line for an autograph signing, the fan is holding a G doll with G's signature already on the box. This is impossible to have happened since G is not present at the signing table, nor has the fan reached the front of the line to get a signature.


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