• KuuKuuFan

    Villain Ideas.

    April 13, 2020 by KuuKuuFan

    Well guys, even though Kuu Kuu Harajuku is let's say.... Sadly not coming back for a long time, that doesn't stop the wikia being over. I got my own special ideas thanks to Kawaii Life, which gives me a little reason... I would think they would have middle aged villainesses and some more their age besides rivalry to attack with HJ5 in terms of vengance and victory while HJ5 themselves of course use their power of music and togetherness to stop all evil threats. So here we go! And yeah, this may contain Japanese Culture, which the series is based on. 

    (Coming soon)

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Mattel Toyline

    April 2, 2020 by KuuKuuFan

    Well guys... I was any of you know about the Mattel toyline and how it should have lasted longer on how amazing the dolls look? I still feel bummed that they didn't make dolls or figures of other characters that aren't HJ5.

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Reforming Villains

    March 25, 2020 by KuuKuuFan

    Well guys....I know that this might not happen but what do you think of seeing villains getting reformed? Given that Mimi DePollo reformed to help HJ5 on That Sinking Feeling, would you like to see that happen to others trying to sabotage HJ5 or one member at least to learn a lesson? Just asking. It was a shock that it happened there with Mimi actually being nice to the girls, especially Angel.

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  • KuuKuuFan

    I really love how amazing the characters are...from the main that is HJ5 to the villains, recurring characters....It still would have been amazing for the girls to meet other pop star idol bands on a little competition in Harajuku and Japan as a whole...but today I would love to say...what about the background characters? I think most of the designs are pretty and of my favorites being the purple twin tailed cutie and I also love the blonde haired girl with the red shirt and black long skirt. Yet there are always other variations of the background characters possibly for budget but none the less...they are still great designs. I wonder what designs you like on the background citizens?

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Well guys...since season 3 is basically the final season of Kuu Kuu Harajuku, I thought I can make a little idea of my own as a series finale of the series and it's a one and a half hour special.

    All Gigged Up.

    After HJ5, Rudie, Mimi and Meerkatz experience their next destination and finished their world tour from General No-Fun sabotaging the tour bus’s teleporting device...a magical person comes out to congratulate them and lets them choose what to decide on either staying as a band forever….or letting them live their own lives while booking then a gig while other characters come back such as Tizzie Lizzie, Bertrand, Angelica, Carey Chaos and even The Kimberlys as well as knowing about the absence of Colonel Spyke, JoJo Jolie, and their pe…

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  • Buckmana

    Since Season 3 of the show didn't give Music and Baby their own personal nemesises, I came up with some ideas of my own for them.

    Patty Savidge

    Patty Savidge tried to start a career in professional wrestling and since she won her first round easily, expected to win the next round without difficulty. Unfortunately for her, she was defeated by a mysterious wrestler called the Kawaii Krusher and because of that loss, her wrestling career ended just as fast as it begin. Patty never did find out who the Krusher was, but harbors a lot of resentment towards her.
    She was also known for cheating a lot, mostly by using unsanctioned moves dangerous to other competitors.
    Her wrestling name is Party Smasher.

    With her wrestling career over, she tried to star…

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  • KuuKuuFan

    HJ5's Outfits!

    November 21, 2019 by KuuKuuFan

    Well guys, might as well talk about this about the other main focus on Kuu Kuu Harajuku, the special thing for HJ5 to rehearse....and those are the outfits, they are really amazing in all of them and I was wondering which ones are your faves. To me, I adore the Sweet Dessert outfits created by Gwen Stefani herself to present them with on them in S3. There's also the Bow Outfits, The Wild Girl West Outfits, The Rainbow outfits which are my second fave, The 100th Concert outfits, The Concertwear, the Animal Outfits, The Foodwear by JoJo Jolie...hmm, there does seem to be more needed, I do know in future tense, there was another outfit set of HJ5...shown only once. But still, I think there is in need for more outfits to make them all shine in…

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Well guys, I did some research and did my own check of the cities HJ5 went to on the world tour and here they are based out of.

    Bubblegumburg is based on Possibly Los Angeles or somewhere else.

    Kawaiiopolis is based on New York City.

    KuuKuuChic is based on Paris, France.

    KuuKuuAhu is based on The Bahamas.

    Technopolis City is based on Silicon Valley.

    Kawaiiwood is based on Hollywood (Seriously, that is a lot of California cities there.)

    Sweetropolis is based on....well, honestly, it can be anything.

    I think the Circusland is based on South America.

    Musicopia is based on Seoul and a little bit of Beijing with the Great Wall Of Pianos.

    There is a city from the future S3 episode Princess And The Rocker that is based on England for royalty.

    And of course …

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  • KuuKuuFan

    HJ5 Songs

    October 21, 2019 by KuuKuuFan

    Ahh, yes...the most important thing of HJ5, the songs. I basically know most of them and to be honest, It would be amazing to hear all of them as Music Videos on their official Youtube channel, but only did 3 of their songs. Zero Gravity which is all about Space, All For One which is all about never giving up and Change It Up, which is all about changing differences. But what about the other ones? There is We Belong Together which is all about togetherness (And their names), Dancing In The Sunlight (Also about their names and well, it's really melodic.), Amazing (Underrated song), One Better Than That (Beautiful song), Sing This Song (All about good old singing), Wild Girl West (All about the good old western theme), and of course my favor…

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  • Buckmana

    HJ5 hairstyles

    October 19, 2019 by Buckmana

    G style variant

    I wondered what Music would look like if she wore her hair in a ponytail:

    Music (ponytail)

    Angel with some different braiding styles:

    Angel braids
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  • KuuKuuFan

    2 Little Reminders.

    July 21, 2019 by KuuKuuFan

    Well guys, I have some news for KKH fans all over the world. The first one is that season 3 has been leaked on a different language on a Youtube channel called Pops Kids which also apparently has the last 12/6 episodes of Season 3 of KKH and was surprised but if you want to see them, the episodes are blocked so you have to use a VPN to watch these.

    The other one is that the official Kuu Kuu Harajuku channel on Youtube has just recently uploaded episodes starting with season 1 and might continue doing that in a few days or so, but this has been good news for the ones who want to catch up on the series.

    Anyway, that is all to talk about for today, so stay kawaii my friends.

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  • KuuKuuFan

    A Little Question.

    July 2, 2019 by KuuKuuFan

    Will Tenplay replay the season 3 episodes of Kuu Kuu Harajuku? Because when I checked, they are going all the way back to season 1 which is a bit confusing...we all like to see the episodes we don't get to see yet in the US. Stay kawaii, my friends.

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Well guys, turns out Kuu Kuu Harajuku will live on for more on the US after all because recently, Pluto TV has added new channels and Kuu Kuu Harajuku is on at the Nick Jr one (Would have been nice if it was better like in a different one but ok.) At weekdays from 10PM to Midnight/7PM to 9PM so that is a lot for an amazing show like this even though so far it is playing season 1 but hopefully it gets to season 2 and maybe, just maybe....season 3! The KKH Community is still living on and I am happy for it. It has been a year since we last saw it on TV and I am sure we get the chance to see what will happen in the future. Stay Kawaii, my friends.

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Well guys since we are getting a little more active recently, I thought I can give you my thoughts on the top 5 least and most favorites of KKH in general....Season 2....while after the first season ended and G got a new design of her swirly hair buns, the show got better and made me impressed on how a show like this can turn so fantastic....from the new characters to the acting improvement to the upgraded animation using ToonBoom, I was surely sit back, chew some kawaii candy or food, sip something nice and listen good...while I show you guys my top 5 of season 2....and if you don't agree with me, it is's just my own personal opinion.

    But is kinda like a shame a show like this ended up on Nick Jr just becau…

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  • KuuKuuFan

    Well since the show hasn't confirmed whether to get a 4th season or not as of this date, I came to tell you guys...that what might the final 6 episodes of the third season be while their season finale episode is titled: Run To The Sun along with 5 others like Clueless In Sweetropolis which might be a mystery episode homage...but at what reason, I sure am excited to see what will happen next...will the girls preform a special concert? Will there be a sixth member that might just as well be a good friend to them? Will secrets be revealed? And will there be more threats? Will a villain become a good character to forget about tyranny? I have no clue yet but let's just say season 3 is pretty amazing...even though they added stuff that really is…

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  • Buckmana

    HJ5 and personal antagonists

    November 27, 2018 by Buckmana

    Do the individual members of HJ5 have their own personal nemesises?

    G has Say-Wah.
    Love has Angelica.
    Angel has Carey.

    With Angelica and Carey, these have been long term rivalries, lasting several years at least.

    It makes me wonder if Music and Baby will get their own personal nemesises soon.

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  • Littlecharmersfan
    1. ==HJ Who?  ==

    ​When Music and Cononel Spyke woke up with no memory to know who they are, they're convince there best friends.  

    1. ==  Making the Grade ==
    Baby discovers that she didn't make her fifth grade test for a while and she only have two weeks to past.
    2. == Big Screen Angel ==

    Angel get scouted by Mitchell Novoa for her stunt and becomes a movie star.

    3. == Rudie the Genius ==  

    Tired of his failed motives to make HJ5 famous, Rudie found Love's Personality Reversal Belt and transform into his ego version, Randy

    1.  == No Pain, No Gain ==
     HJ5 is challenge by Sammy Starr for a game of Football, if they lose they'll loose their fame forever. 
    1. == G Wants a Cracker == 

    When Love accidently turn G into a parrot they have to search for her at the nation…

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  • Zmario

    Welcome to the wiki! I founded the Kuu Kuu Harajuku on October 4th, 2016 after watching it at work and falling in love with the crazy cast of characters (yes, I know, I'm a dweeb). I hope I can make this the best source of information for everything related to the show, but I can't do it alone! Whether you're a first time editor or a long time veteran, everyone is welcome to join the cause and make this a great place to express your knowledge of the show. Thank you for reading this. - Zmario.

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