Feline's Finest is episode 24b of season 2 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Rudie has another plan to get HJ5 noticed by Twisty T, he has volunteered them to enter Twisty T's prize winning show cat DJ McFurry in the local cat show. But they soon discover DJ McFurry is a vicious, foul tempered and dangerous cat.






G: I’ve got the Rudie Rhodes pending disaster action plan.

Rudie: I’m working on landing music celebrity fashion icon Twisty T.
G: Uh-oh, that’d be chapter 60.
Love: Everytime you try to hook us up with Twisty, it goes catastrophically wrong.
Rudie: What do you mean? When?
Angel: Well, there was that one time when we destroyed his entire house.
Music: And then there was that other time when we destroyed his entire house.

Baby: Hi there kitty McFurry, I’m Baby.
DJ McFurry hisses, growls and tries to scratch Baby.
Music: Hugging a porcupine would be safer then trying to cuddle that thing.
G: No way we’re catsitting that.

G: You’re not hiding stray monster pets in your closet are you?
Baby: Of course not, I keep them under the bed now. And it’s just one, Willy.

Rudie: We lost Twisty T’s prize showcat!
Music: Good riddance to that rotten, uh, we have to go after him.


  • Baby has the skill of speed knitting, demonstrated when she rapidly knits a cat disguise for Willy.
  • This name of this episode is a play on the words Feeling Fine.


  • When Baby puts Willy in the cat carrier, her left arm is completely disconnected from her shoulder.


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