Good Old ROD is episode 21b of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Inspired by how R.O.D. is always selflessly helping HJ5, G decides to give him a day off work. But when Baby and Rudie overhear G hiring a temporary replacement robot for R.O.D, they think she's permanently replacing him. Rudie suggests they use an personality modifier chip to make R.O.D. more fun so G won't replace him, but the chip is defective and causes R.O.D. to act extremely bizarre.






Love: What’s left?
G: Pick up the beach themed costumes from Kawaii Koutre, prep for the preshow interview with Mauve Madison, pack the gear for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Seaside Super Surf and Sand Stage. After that, he can take on the second part of the list.

Baby: I just love ROD, he makes our lives so much better!
Rudie: Better and easier! If it wasn’t for him. I’d be the one schlepping all that stuff.

Baby: R.O.D’s not acting kawaii at all.
Rudie: Weird, it’s like the chip I got from Dodgy Computer parts is dodgy, what are the odds?


  • Two of the plushies R.O.D. is tidying up are Stegosaurus Stan and General Nofun.
  • Rudie finds a plushy of the dragon from Princess Power in his pockets.



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