Hologrammed is episode 21a of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Rudie is working on a promotional opportunity to have a famous artist make artwork of HJ5, but Say-Wah's latest attempt to join the band is disrupting their concerts and personal life.





Rudie comes backstage to tell the girls about his latest promotional deal, he's working on getting the famous edible food artist Gordon Bleu to make artwork of HJ5. As the artist is in the audience that night, Angel makes a special shout-out for him and G dedicates their next song to him as well.

The song is interrupted by Say-Wah floating down onto the stage. Annoyed by the interruption, G asks Rudie to escort her from the stage, but Say-Wah dodges him and Rudie falls off the edge with his unchecked momentum. G sends Music to remove Say-Wah, but as Music launches into a flying kick at Say-Wah, she passes right through her and falls off the stage onto Rudie. As Say-Wah delivers a parting taunt and disappears, Love realises Say-Wah was projecting a hologram of herself.

The next day, Love tried to track the source of the signal projecting the hologram, but with so much interference and signal bouncing, she couldn't get an exact fix on where Say-Wah is located. Then Say-Wah appears inside the Tour Bus, to remind HJ5 they'll never be rid of her and she's now a member of the band.

Say-Wah continues to disrupt their promotional activities, but Love has managed to figure out where Say-Wah is hiding, the only transmitter powerful enough to project the holograms all over the city is on top of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Sah-Wah confronts HJ5 with an attack bear, but Baby scares it off and they chase Say-Wah up the mountain. Say-Wah tries to catch HJ5 in an avalanche, but their inflatable bubblepacks allow them to simply fly over it instead. Cornered at the base of the transmitter Say-Wah projects hundreds of her holograms, preventing HJ5 from identifying which is the real Say-Wah.

Love then points out that Say-Wah isn't important, all they have to do is destroy the transmitter and the holograms will deactivate. Say-Wah orders her holograms to protect the transmitter, but as they are intangible, they offer no protection at all and the transmitter is destroyed regardless.

Love sticks Say-Wah to the wall so she won't cause any more trouble, but Say-Wah taunts them with the fact that capturing her will cause them to miss the concert. Or so she though until HJ5 speed down the mountain on a large sled and use their bubblepacks to float inside the concert venue just before the performance starts.

After the concert ends, they go to find Gordon Bleu to see if he's completed the art of HJ5. They are surprised to see Say-Wah standing next to him and she gleefully informs them that Gordon made art of her and not HJ5 as they expected. Gordon unveils his masterpiece, only for everyone to gasp in horror at the sight of it. The heat of the venue caused the butter sculpture to melt, giving it the appearance of a terrified scream. Say-Wah also screams in terror at the sight of her sculpture slowly melting away.


Rudie: The good news is, I’ve rescheduled the concert and Gordon Bleu has agreed to come back.
Music: And the bad news is?
Rudie: Who says there’s bad news? Just because I said there’s good news doesn’t mean there has to be bad news.
Love: I’ve got bad news.
Angel, Baby, G and Music groan loudly.

Rudie: I’ve got some bad news girls. The concert has been rescheduled for tonight.
Baby: And the good news is?
Rudie: Who says there’s good news? Just because I said there’s bad news doesn’t mean there has to be good news.
Love: I’ve got good news.
Angel, Baby, G and Music cheer excitedly.


  • Say-Wah partially says the title of the song "Anything you can do, I can do better".
  • Gordon Bleu is a pun on the cordon bleu food dish.


  • Angel is shown to be wearing high-heeled climbing boots to ascend the mountain, but in all other shots of her mountain climbing outfit, she's wearing flatsoled boots.


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