Jimmy is a character in Kuu Kuu Harajuku. He is the nephew of Rudie.


It is revealed by Rudie that Jimmy is the treasurer of his high school's A.V club and an aspiring photographer. According to Rudie, Jimmy is an extreme video game aficionado.

His appearance is that of a stereotypical nerd: glasses, member of the A.V club at school, annoying/nasally voice, and questionable fashion sense.

In Game Over, Jimmy assists the girls by providing voice over instruction while they play the game.

In Baby's Birthday, Rudie mentions Jimmy is going to help HJ5 shoot a music video, in exchange for asking one of the girls to his prom, which they all promptly reject him. Towards the end of the episode, he asks Colonel Spyke who happily accepts his offer.

In Social Media, Rudie hires Jimmy to help HJ5 with setting up their social media promotional pages to fill an oversized stadium to maximum audience capacity.

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