Love is one of the six main characters of Kuu Kuu Harajuku. She is a member of HJ5.


Love is the brains behind HJ5. She is always inventing new gadgets, which don't always work out in her favor. She's not afraid to try anything new and loves to build and fix things. When explaining things, she typically rambles much to the confusion (and annoyance) of the other girls.

In G, This Is Awfully Deep she became upset after the girls teased her for the failure of her invention and expressed that she didn't feel like she belongs with the rest of them. She befriends the fluffles due to their superior intellect and ignores the girls for most of the episode. In the end, however, she preferred to stay with the girls because their differences is what makes them such a good group.

She is the owner (and possibly creator) of Yummy Bear, whom she adores. She used an intelligence potion on him in attempts to make him even smarter.

Love mentions in The Kawaiifier that chess is her favorite board game.

She also mentions in Game Over that she loves Math and Science.


Love has peach skin, black curled hair, pink lips, and dark blue eyes. She wears a white shirt, a red necktie, a grey sweatshirt with red trim, a grey plaid skirt with white ruffles, red and white socks, and white and red shoes. She also wears pink heart clips and a blue headband with a blue ribbon.


  1. The Kawaiifier (Machine)
  2. Beltronic Persona Reversalater
  3. NanoZap
  4. O.O.P.S.
  5. My Little Translator
  6. Dream Sharing Machine
  7. Costume Machine
  8. Jewellery
  9. Nanobot
  10. Time Trendmill
  11. Transmorgriphicator


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