Messy Magic is episode 16b of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


G is excited for Yay Yay Cleaning Day, her favorite day of the year. Unfortunately, the rest of HJ5 and Nap are not nearly as enthusiastic about cleaning up. Matters only get worse when a defective gift from Rudie causes magical soap to take over the tour bus to keep it spotlessly clean.





G: Happy Yay Yay Clean Day everyone.
Baby: Could there be a holiday I don’t love?

G: It was a gift from Rudie.
Music: Run for cover! Emergency! Rudie gift in the house!

G: Music was right, I shouldn’t have messed with the magic.
Love: Aw, forget that G, Music was just trying to get out of cleaning.
Music: Yeah! Wait, what?

Baby (about the buffalos): Can I keep one?
G, Love, Music, Angel: No!

G: Together, we’ll get this bus clean!
ROD: Or I could press the self-cleaning button.
Music: There’s a self-cleaning button?!


  • Although Rudie is mentioned by name in this episode, he is completely absent from making an appearance.
  • This is the second episode not to have Rudie, the first being Meerkatz.



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