Morgan and Macy are recurring characters that appear in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Morgan and Macy are one of the most famous and popular celebrities in Harajuku. They are twins and are managed by Sammy Stars. Though they appear several times in the series they have very few spoken lines.

They make their first appearance in Totally Teen Genie at the Totally Teen Awards. Sammy Stars uses one his wishes from Teen Genie that they become the biggest thing on the planet. The Genie takes his wish literally and turns Morgan and Macy into giants. When Sammy tries to talk to them, Morgan steps on him. It's not known whether she accidentally stepped on Sammy or intentionally stepped on him.

In Super Kawaii Sunday, G mentions that they have been on the cover of Baubles Magazine 5 times already.

In Princess Power

Season 1