Music is one of the six main characters of Kuu Kuu Harajuku. She is a member of HJ5.


Music is bitter, strong-willed, and tough. She is known for her sarcastic commentary and one-liners. She is easily irritated and adds just a hint of edge and attitude to the group. Music often acts rude to her fellow band members but is incredibly protective of them. She has a soft spot for Rudie, but tries to hide her crush by acting annoyed with him around the other band members.

She practices martial arts in her free time, in addition to teaching karate to children.
Music has a black belt in karate, practices krav maga and also is skilled at tree core gymnastics.

Music also is fond of baton twirling for marching bands and owns a personalised baton with her name on it.
She later teaches this skill to their monster pets in series 3.


Music is emotionally strong. She usually provides sarcastic commentary. She does not tolerate people who mess with her friends, even going as far to threatening to beat up the fluffles in G, This Is Awfully Deep. That being said, she can also be irritated by her fellow band members such as when Love over-ordered a ton of square watermelons in Wanted Audience or when Rudie makes Angel upset over her fashion disaster in Angel's Flight.

Music is more of an "action" girl, she doesn't like over-complicated plans or in-depth analysis on situations, she prefers to take problems head on.

In Angel's Flight, Music reveals that she isn't fond of kids, calling them "monsters".

In Game Over, she says that reading instructions are for "sissies".

In Hello Puppy she spent a majority of the episode blaming Chewie for all the bad things that have been happening, even going so far as to purposely set traps to get him in trouble. The other girls claim she just dislikes dogs but Music feels that Chewie isn't a dog at all. She was partially correct when they discovered Chewie was being hypnotized by General Nofun. At the end of the episode Music and Chewie reconcile.

Love reveals that Music writes sappy love songs as a form of anger management in G, This Is Awfully Deep.

In Labor of Love, she hints that she likes poetry claiming that she has "many layers".

In Music Zoo she failed a background check due to her history at the Harajuku Zoo and became banned by Mr. Smythe due to this. When she was 5 she broke a car window to save a dog who was stuck in a heated car, which turned out to be a stuffed teddy bear. When she was 9 she threatened to feed two boys to a lion because they were bullying another kid. She was able to get on probation, but knowing her personality, she asked Love for an invention to help her. Love gives her a belt that reverses the personality of the wearer. Music puts it on and transforms into Muzaka. At the end of the episode she reverts to her normal self and her ban is lifted from the zoo.

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