Pandamonium is episode 13b of Season 2 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


HJ5 accept a contract that is too good to be true from an eccentric businessman named Panda Pete, who wants to spread Kawaii to the world.






Rudie: The Panda in Pants HQ.
Music: Sorry, Pizzas on Pogos who?

Music: It's like he wants to take over the world.
Panda Pete: I want to take over the world!

Love: I’ve come to the conclusion that Panda Pete suffers from mesocortical limbic mediation crosswiring.
Music: In real words?
Love: The desire for cute things has mutated into an obsession.

G: Panda Pete, whatever you're doing, stop doing it!
Panda Pete: It's not what you think.
Love: You're using a kawaii wave magnification atomiser on Baby to concentrate her kawaii to form pure kawaiium.
Panda Pete: Oh, okay, it is what you think.

Panda Pete: I must name you.
Kawaii Monster: Yum yum.
Panda Pete: I was thinking Percival, but whatever.

Music: What is it?
Love: It's a mutable exo-dimensional hexad.
Angel: Is that just a way to say big blobby thing?
Love (annoyed): If you want, we'll call it a big blobby thing.


  • What G says about Pandas being dangerous is true, if angered, a Panda can be quite aggressive and since they are a bear, very strong for their size.


  • When Panda Pete produces the contract, it's already got Rudie's signature, but as they haven't accepted the job offer, Rudie would not have signed it until he got HJ5's approval to do so. Nor has it been handed to him to sign during this scene.
  • There are only five Kikis in HJ5's house, but six of them appear to carry Baby away.


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