Project Runaway is episode 25b of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


HJ5 meet with Bauble's main editor, Veronica Von Velcra, only to discover the influential fashionista is ruining Harajuku City's fashion event. Meanwhile, Music has fun causing mischief by pretending to be Veronica's assistant Penny.




Guest Characters 

  • Gwen
  • Kingston (debut cameo)



Eago: Give Eago a smile Veronica. Or an upturned grimace at least.


  • This Episode Shows Zeke looking older and taller.
  • Angel's taco suit was shown on this episode ever since Angel Food. However, JoJo Jolie was not present in this episode or at Season 3 at all in that matter.
  • While Mimi Di Polo does not appear in this episode, she is seen on a Baubles magazine cover.
  • This is Gwen's 3rd appearance of the series. The first being The Sweet Life and the second being Clueless in Sweetropolis.
  • Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston was featured in this episode as a guest star.
  • The fashion competition is a mix between Project Runway and The Voice, on which Gwen Stefani is a judge on.



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