Snowbound For Greatness is episode 22b of season 2 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


G takes HJ5 back to the Mount Mongo log cabin where they wrote their very first song. But their arrival unintentionally annoys a giant snowman who just wants peace and quiet.





Music (looking at G’s photo of the log cabin): I’ve seen worse.
Music (looking at real log cabin): I stand corrected.
Angel: Maybe it’s much less absolutely horrible on the inside.
Music (looking inside log cabin): I was really hoping for something (pauses) not this.

G: Come on HJ5, we can take this place from a dump to adorable in no time.

Music: We rocked so hard, we broke the mountain. Awesome.
Love: It’s an avalanche.

Music and Angel are sliding down a long ice ramp, screaming.
Angel: Are we just supposed to keep screaming like this?
Music: I’m starting to lose my voice.


  • The first song written and performed by HJ5 is Ready To Roll, a song about playing on the slopes of Mount Mongo.


  • When Rudie starts up the studio recording equipment to test it, there are already audio tracks in the timeline. A first time recording should always be blank, as no tracks have been laid down or edited. Also, if he pressed record in a previous session, it would just add more tracks and create a vocal cacophony.


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