Social Media is episode 15b of season 3 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Angel becomes obsessed with being the most followed person on social media. When she fails to achieve her goal, an old enemy returns to take advantage of the situation.






G: Wow, look at the size of that place.
Love: The seating capacity must be off the charts.
Rudie: Yes, literally. Nobody can count that high.

Music: It’s like an online ghost town. With really boring ghosts.
Angel: Zero likes, zero followers, zero everything.

G: This is great, I’m sending out detailed information about the start of the show, public transportation schedules, concession line times.
Rudie: Great work G, you already have four thousand, three hundred and twenty-two followers.
Jimmy: You might get even more hits posting something a little more personal.
G: You’re right, who doesn’t love practical tips for parking?

Jimmy: Music, no, wait, stop!
Rudie: You’re blocking everyone who tries to follow you.
Music: Exactly, I don’t know these people. I can barely cope with my friends’ friends following me. Let alone a bunch of strangers.

Love: Considering my evil smartphone tried to bury us all in pudding, I don’t feel I’m in any position to be judgemental.


  • Alfie Selfie has a cameo as Love’s livestream camerabot.


  • When Rudie is falling towards the chocolate pudding river, his floaties are missing from his arms.


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