Sparkski is a character in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Sparski debuted in Labor of Love as a computer virus that came about when Rudie caused a power surge and a program on the computer became corrupt. Sparski was able to escape the computer through the wires and make his way into the real world.

Needing a constant source of electricity, Sparski would absorb power from electronics, including computers, televisions and even Harajuku's main power supply. He became close friends with Baby, who protected him from the other girls throughout the entirety of the episode. When the power went out, he began to fade as there was no more electricity he could harness. Using a lightning rod, the girls manage to reinvigorate him. He was successfully debugged by Love and reuploaded to the computer, his real home, and promised to come back and play, without all the crashes.

In Caught in the Web, he helps HJ5 when they accidentally get transported into the house's wifi network and return to the physical world before the overheating computer shuts down and deletes them all.


In the beginning, Sparkski was a timid trouble-maker but eventually warmed up to the other girls after they helped him regain power and sent him home.

He expresses actions through words, such as "giggle giggle" and "power up".


  • The numbers on his shirt represent binary code.
    • There does not seem to be any hidden message in Sparkski's shirt, as all letters of the alphabet begin with "0" in binary. In addition, a letter in binary has 8 digits. The first line of his shirt has 12, while the second line (after the symbols) has 11.

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