Studio No-No is episode 26a of season 2 of Kuu Kuu Harajuku. It initially aired on the 2nd of February, 2018.


HJ5 are given the opportunity to record at the prestigious SQ Studios. But it turns out to be a trap set by an enemy to make them stop singing forever.






Music: Great! I just got rid of the last catchy tune earworm! And now this!

G (about Rudie): Uggh! He obviously didn’t look at that lipreading memo I sent!

G tries various methods to signal Rudie to cause a distraction, but none work.
Phone buttons beep and Rudie answers his phone.
Angel: Yeah, Rudie, hi! Quick favor? Distract the squirrels? M’kay? Toodles.
The girls glare at Angel.
Angel: What?

Madame Ssh: What a honor to be the test launchee.
Rudie: Oooh! Do I get a trophy? Or a medal? Maybe a gift certificate?
Madame Ssh: No, you get certain doom!
Rudie: Right, the usual.


  • This episode reveals a potential motivation for Madame Shhh to silence all singers, jealousy because her own singing ability is so horrible it's intolerable to listen to.



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