Tizzie Lizzie is a character in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Tizzie Lizzie is the daughter of an incredibly wealthy man who buys her anything and everything she wants.

In her first appearance, her father has purchased the exclusive rights to HJ5, making them perform only for her in private concerts, in addition to working as the domestic staff.
When the band gets frustrated with having to obey Tizzie Lizzie's every whim and tell her they want to quit, she gets angry and holds an raffle for villains to win the contract to HJ5, including General Nofun and Madame Shhh.
A mysterious cloaked villain appears and purchases more tickets then any one else, winning the raffle and HJ5.
Tizzie Lizzie is ecstatic because the villain states he'll keep them locked up in his castle dungeon forever.
But as soon as Tizzie Lizzie leaves, he tears up the contract and reveals himself to be Rudie in disguise.

Lizzie Lizzie next appears when she captures HJ5 on a deserted island after their bus transporter sends them there by accident.
Annoyed that HJ5 can now perform concerts without a bizarre interruption, she forces them to perform concerts where she stages interruptions, because that's what she preferred.

Unfortunately for Tizzie Lizzie, she didn't know the island was inhabited by Monster Pets and she didn't realise she hadn't captured Yummy Bear.
Yummy Bear recruited four local Monster Pets to rescue HJ5, much to Tizzie Lizzie's annoyance, because they "interuppted her interuption".

Tizzie Lizzie has a small army of mechanical wheeled maids, some of whom are secretly HJ5 fans.


  • Tizzie most like refers to spoiled tantrum, since Tizzie Lizzie was well known for having these outbursts when she didn't get what she wanted.
  • Lizzie gave herself the nickname Sparkly Kawaii Princess.