Twisty T's Mansion is the home of Twisty T in Kuu Kuu Harajuku. It was only featured in the episodes Adventures in Housesitting and Greenhouse.


The mansion is situated next to the ocean where the water from the top floor pool drains into. There are several bushes shaped to look like Twisty T with a cul-de-sac like entrance.

The inside of the mansion is huge, with lots of hallways (which all lead to the same point), an indoor jungle with a waterfall, and a parking garage where he keeps all his green jeeps. The wallpaper is red with white outlined gems.

In the main foyer there's a mosaic of Twisty T, a wall featuring all his gold plated records and a display case for his music awards.


The mansion is destroyed at the end of Adventures in Housesitting. According to Twisty T, he thought the place was a dump, and the girls saved him the trouble of having to get it demolished. It was apparently rebuilt in Greenhouse, only to be destroyed again.