Yummy Bear is a character in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Yummy Bear debuted in Yummy Bear Nado as Love's pet. He can talk, but very minimal words such as "jelly-jelly" (as in jellybean, which he loves) and "fan". Love made him super intelligent, but also prone to fits of anger (similar to Music) and the only way to control him is through jellybeans.

When the girls head to the jellybean festival, Yummy is put inside a containment chamber, which he easily escapes from. Using the fan ventilation system through Love's computer, Yummy is able to spawn several tornado which he uses to gather all the jellybeans.

Chewie (and to an extent, Rudie) is not real fond of him.

Yummy Bear becomes a recurring character in season 3 and in the episode Bye Bye Baby helps Baby defend HJ5's house when General Nofun sends his new evil intern to battle Baby and the Monster Pets.
Yummy Bear appears to be the leader of HJ-5's Monster Pets.

His appearance changes in season 3, he now wears glasses and a bowtie.

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